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You ever get that moment where Flash just decides to crash or close, losing your work, or perhaps a file get's randomly corrupted or wont export the .swf properly. Well all of those things happened today, fortunately I'm in the habbit of frequently praying to our lord and savior CTRL+S and backing up my files, so I didn't lose anything. Still a very annoying string of inconveniences. But I'll live.

I've been trying to bring myself to make something small, just to get something out their, but I really don't know what to do, I don't just want to take a shit and flush it straight into the portal just because. Especially not for the first submission on my account. I did consider doing something for Madness Day, but last year it was a genuine dissapointment for me, a lack of submissions and nothing particularly new or groundbreaking, unlike the previous years. So the thought settled in that it might be pointless doing so. But then, I might go ahead and do something anyway just for old times sake. It seems every year I wanted to do something big for Madness Day, but forgot until it was only a few weeks away and laziness kicked in and I think, maybe next time. But this year I remembered a few months prior, I'm still not sure if that's enough or even if I want to do something. I don't want to start something and give up half way is what I mean, it would just be a waste.

I'm a little stuck at the moment because I really want to make some new music, but the studios closed for a while, so I don't have access to decent recording equipment. So it's just me and my shitty laptop, I might whip something up real quick in FL Studio, perhaps a cover of some sort? I really don't know...

So yeah, today has been the day of not knowing what the fuck to do.

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