My Birthday

2014-06-21 09:12:00 by ZykiaZyoki

Happy one year closer to death day! So yeah, that time of year again. I'm 19 years old now, feeling exactly the same as yesterday, but this means I can be a narcicistic cunt for the rest of the day. So wish me a happy birthday and all that.

I'm working on some stuff to upload, I got a lot of songs I gotta upload at some point, I really want to finish a game of some kind, the one I'm working on is a really long term project, so I'm considering just making something small and quick really as just a way of getting something out there. But I don't just want to pump out a piece of shit either, so I dunno what I'm gonna do. If you want to suggest some ideas for songs, covers or something for me to make, then I'm all ears. I'm just wondering where to from here really.

Peace out motherfuckers.


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2014-06-21 16:05:34

Happy birthday Stranger :D, Hope you had a wonderful day :3

ZykiaZyoki responds:

Why thank you kind sir.