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Ok, nice job. The voices were ok, they sounded pretty funny and suited the movie. The animation was... Meh, not so good, you need to work on it more, but it didn't bother me too much, it was still funny anyway. The jokes were random but funny, just the right level of stupid. The art was quite crappy, but not too crappy, in some respects it actually made the animation funnier. But a little more work on the visuals wouldn't hurt.

I can't help but feel you were just trying to imitate ASDF Movie, which I guess is alright, if you add your own style to it. But it could have done with some color and when the first thing you think is "this is pretty much ASDF Movie only not quite as funny or well made." it's a poor sign. Try making the style just a little more original next time. I wont deduct any points for this, because I like to give the benefit of the doubt in case I'm wrong, I'm just speaking my thoughts, not spitting accusations here.

So it's pretty good, it's good for shits and giggles.

guitarrob responds:

I understand. I've been animating roughly around nine months and I know that some people animate for years. Hopefully I'll get better animating skills in a year or two. But thanks anyway.

Finally effort. I've seen to much crap for one day. Yeah, that actually got a laugh out of me, great job. It's a funny and random idea, taking an uninteresting task and turning it into something funny. The animation itself is pretty good, though it could be more animated, it repeated a lot, if you took out all the looped sections you'd probably end up with like 10 seconds of animation. However it's still good. The art is funny, it's a good style and generally good looking. Loving the style.

The movie only got more funny as the animation progressed, the joke didn't tire down as much as most long assed jokes do (I'm pretty sure Family Guy is to blame for that kind of shit, I never found it very funny when a joke was dragged on so long). I like the fact that the art and the style is actually quite creepy and dark looking, as well as the fact the character is for whatever reason very ugly. Props for that one m'man.

Although I will say it deserves at least a Teen rating. Great movie, really enjoyed it and I hope to see more stuff from you.

Alright, I found this hilarious when I first watched it back in 2006, something a lot of fun to listen to, always put's a smile on my face and can still make me laugh. First time listening to it, it had me singing it for weeks and occasionally it would pop into my head every now and then even after that. It's just funny to see it all over again. And hilarious people are still getting pissed off over it. My Chemical Romance isn't an Emo band, it's just a shitty band that a large portion of Emos listen to.

I'm surprise a 14 year old could animate this. And the art is actually pretty good. The Emos look funny and the joke is hilarious, frankly It's just a classic.

The joke will never die.

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Not much to say here, another reaction game. More minimalistic than most, though I'll give you credit for making it quite visually pleasing, the colour scheme was actually for some reason really nice to look at and the overall design was very smooth. The music was also very catchy, for a couple of minutes, but the loop began getting annoying after a little while, especially since it doesn't actually loop very well, there was a slight pause afterwards. It was programmed well, it worked, but I'm not going to go into much detail because there isn't really too much programming involved in a game like this, but since it's your first submission to NG (I'm not sure if you've made other games before anywhere else, I'm just going by what I can tell) I'll give you newcomer credit.

I didn't play for that long, I'm not a jockey for high scores or for medals or anything like that, I think I did 3 play throughs but didn't get very far. I think a couple of draw backs are that you don't have any specific obligation to react, like a time limit or anything. On top of that there is very little in replayability, I didn't notice (I could be wrong) any difficulty curve and to be honest it started out pretty hard to begin with. There was very little time to react and when you did you only got one chance anyway, one wrong move and you lose.

Usually with games like this you start of with maybe 5 seconds to react then everytime you react successfully the time you have to react decreases, gradually getting harder until ultimately you can't keep up. On top of that you could get upgrades like extra chances, temporarily slowing down the speed giving you more room to react and so on and so fourth.

It makes me nostalgic of your classic reaction games, back when they bothered to give them a theme. I used to love the "Bullet" reaction games where you would have to dodge a bullet shot at you and the gunman stepped closer each time. You could have given it more of a theme than just react to the dots. But then, it's alright I suppose.

Points for effort and for actually making it look quite nice and I hope you continue to create things, bigger and better in future.

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What can I say, it's a simple drag and drop game? So technically this isn't really much of a game on it's own, you need 6 players, honestly at any give time I don't happen to have 6 friends in the room, if I did then I wouldn't be using my computer and being all antisocial. And technically couldn't I just get an A3 piece of paper, draw the grid on it and use pieces from the chess sets I own? Not that I'm much of a chess fan myself and not that many of my friends are either.

I'd be more impressed if it wasn't just a drag and drop game, in that there's actually no other programming involved. Usually a chess game (even the two player versions) is at least programmed so you can only move on your turn and you can only move one piece on your turn and that you can only move the pieces which you are supposed to be able to move. With this there was no restriciton, you could move any piece, anywhere, at any time and the game comes with a whole wall of text as instructions. Yet strangely it has no instructions on how to play chess, it simply assumes we already know how.

The conversion of chess to 6 player chess isn't as smooth as the many 3 player and 4 player chess, since you had to add extra squares which don't exist on a normal board. And generally the idea of multiplayer chess is that all players start an equal distance away from each other for fairness, it was more like two boards in one here, it may have been wise just to make it 4 player. The art also wasn't particularly good, you didn't use the generally excepted design for certain pieces.

And here's the final problem with this game, you missed out 2 pieces from each player. One of those two pieces being the most important piece in the game, the Queen.

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xympul responds:

Did you READ the description or in-game instructions? Each player has TWO queens, bishops have been removed. XD

Play it with 5 friends, you might like it.

It is Hatcher Chess, not traditional chess ;)

No one I know has been able to program the AI for a 4 or 6 player chess game that is decent. It is easier to play with other people, just like a tabletop chess game, hence why I made it.

Being so critical for something way too simple, is going to stress you out.

Your mountain range art is is neat, I'd like to see more, keep working on your art :)

Thank you for taking the time to leave feedback! :)

Now we're really scrapping the bottom of the toilet bowl with the Flappy Bird spoofs and clones. I mean seriously? I'll admit I laughed at it and I realize it was most likely intended to make fun of Flappy Bird, but it's just daft. As hard as it is to believe, the programming is actually worse than Flappy Bird, it's hard to screw up programming a game, which can be programmed flawlessly in a couple of minutes.

It's a game which anybody with some experience could make in 10 minutes. All for a lame joke and a redundant reference. But why I'm reading into this so much I don't know. I'm just playing a Flappy Bird clone after all... Because that hasn't been done enough already.

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Awesome stuff, you really know how to grab our interest. I'm hoping the album is coming real soon, because I can't wait to hear. What points the album at/progress/whatever by the way? It's real nice of ya to offer us all the free album download code. But do you by any chance plan to sell hardcopy versions (I.e. a CD) because I'll buy a copy (I prefer hardcopy CD's to MP3, since you're getting something physical for your money).

Either way I'm really liking what I'm hearing here man.

Now this is just fucking brilliant. It's a lot slower than the metal I'm used to, but the guitars are just so epic and the vocals are really great. It has that sense of impending doom. I'm particularly loving the vocal effects, I mean holy shit dude, at certain points in this song they gave me chills. Dark, brutal and evil. I gotta ask, have you done or considered doing any Blackened Industrial Metal (Kinda like latter Psyclon 9 stuff) because that would be truly awesome. I had to listen to this one a couple of times over to provide a decent review for it.

Really the only negative thing I can say is perhaps the song could be better suited for more devices, I have speakers and headphones which sound fucking awesome, but just on my regular laptop speakers the voice doesn't stand out as much... But honestly fuck that, this is the kind of song which needs some decent speakers to play.

You totally killed the vocal recording, they are just so hateful and aggressive, exactly what I want to hear in a song like this. I really love the breakdown too, near the end, it was pretty dark and ominous. The lyrics are pretty good too, you have got some talent for writing, actually you got quite a wide range of talents.

Great job man!

Sorry it took a little while to write this, I been busy lately, but better late then never eh?
Some advice I really should have given you from the start, if you want some feedback and reviews on your work is either go to the Audio Forum in the community section and check out the "Review for a Review" thread where you can review someones work in return for them reviewing yours, or to the clubs and crews section and check out the "Review Request Club" they are both really useful for getting feedback because they'll give you detailed, honest and constructive reviews.

First thing I want to get off of my back is a tiny little complaint. I was wearing headphones at the time on full volume and it practically blew my eardrums out, it just seems really loud and some of the frequencies peaked off the charts. It's a minor complaint but you might want to watch the volume and levels in future and perhaps take a look into mastering and leveling. That being said, it was solved by dialing down my volume a little so I could still enjoy the song, but I shouldn't really have to do that.

First of all, I like the opening tune, the lead synths are really nice and they're quite catchy, the effects and the distortion are really good. The high pitch synths were also pretty great although I feel as if they overpowered the first synth a little as apposed to worked with it, they should have been a little more balanced with everything. I like some of the glitchy sounds and the white noise as well as the crushed drums. After the break down it was pretty cool, you got some really nice sounds, it's like oldschool dubstep and I love the soundscape there, it's like porn for me ears.

Overall it's just a generally nice piece. My only disappointment really, is that it wasn't a little longer, you could have had a buildup to something even more awesome. But the song was great on it's own, so I can't really complain about it.

I can't wait to see what you'll come up with next.

infektedtoejam responds:

Yea sorry I work with a very simple program right now so I can't control to much but I appreciate the feedback!

I'm that one guy who does stuff some times.

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