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Awesome stuff, you really know how to grab our interest. I'm hoping the album is coming real soon, because I can't wait to hear. What points the album at/progress/whatever by the way? It's real nice of ya to offer us all the free album download code. But do you by any chance plan to sell hardcopy versions (I.e. a CD) because I'll buy a copy (I prefer hardcopy CD's to MP3, since you're getting something physical for your money).

Either way I'm really liking what I'm hearing here man.

Now this is just fucking brilliant. It's a lot slower than the metal I'm used to, but the guitars are just so epic and the vocals are really great. It has that sense of impending doom. I'm particularly loving the vocal effects, I mean holy shit dude, at certain points in this song they gave me chills. Dark, brutal and evil. I gotta ask, have you done or considered doing any Blackened Industrial Metal (Kinda like latter Psyclon 9 stuff) because that would be truly awesome. I had to listen to this one a couple of times over to provide a decent review for it.

Really the only negative thing I can say is perhaps the song could be better suited for more devices, I have speakers and headphones which sound fucking awesome, but just on my regular laptop speakers the voice doesn't stand out as much... But honestly fuck that, this is the kind of song which needs some decent speakers to play.

You totally killed the vocal recording, they are just so hateful and aggressive, exactly what I want to hear in a song like this. I really love the breakdown too, near the end, it was pretty dark and ominous. The lyrics are pretty good too, you have got some talent for writing, actually you got quite a wide range of talents.

Great job man!

Sorry it took a little while to write this, I been busy lately, but better late then never eh?
Some advice I really should have given you from the start, if you want some feedback and reviews on your work is either go to the Audio Forum in the community section and check out the "Review for a Review" thread where you can review someones work in return for them reviewing yours, or to the clubs and crews section and check out the "Review Request Club" they are both really useful for getting feedback because they'll give you detailed, honest and constructive reviews.

First thing I want to get off of my back is a tiny little complaint. I was wearing headphones at the time on full volume and it practically blew my eardrums out, it just seems really loud and some of the frequencies peaked off the charts. It's a minor complaint but you might want to watch the volume and levels in future and perhaps take a look into mastering and leveling. That being said, it was solved by dialing down my volume a little so I could still enjoy the song, but I shouldn't really have to do that.

First of all, I like the opening tune, the lead synths are really nice and they're quite catchy, the effects and the distortion are really good. The high pitch synths were also pretty great although I feel as if they overpowered the first synth a little as apposed to worked with it, they should have been a little more balanced with everything. I like some of the glitchy sounds and the white noise as well as the crushed drums. After the break down it was pretty cool, you got some really nice sounds, it's like oldschool dubstep and I love the soundscape there, it's like porn for me ears.

Overall it's just a generally nice piece. My only disappointment really, is that it wasn't a little longer, you could have had a buildup to something even more awesome. But the song was great on it's own, so I can't really complain about it.

I can't wait to see what you'll come up with next.

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Yea sorry I work with a very simple program right now so I can't control to much but I appreciate the feedback!

Well, this was a refreshing song, I remember listening to it way back in 2010. Funnily enough I'm not really a fan of Country or Folk, but this song was an exception. It's got some really nice guitar work, the riffs are really great, so good in fact that I didn't even notice the absence of drums, percussion or any other instruments really. The guitar works perfectly on it's own. It's got a deeply melancholy sense to it and yet still remains oddly pleasant. Combined with some truly heart felt lyrics and a great singing voice and you got yourself one hell of a song.

I loved every second of it, despite playing it over and over and over and over and over and over and... You get the point. Great song, listening to it again brings back some good old nostalgic memories. Thanks, I need that.

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