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Ok, nice job. The voices were ok, they sounded pretty funny and suited the movie. The animation was... Meh, not so good, you need to work on it more, but it didn't bother me too much, it was still funny anyway. The jokes were random but funny, just the right level of stupid. The art was quite crappy, but not too crappy, in some respects it actually made the animation funnier. But a little more work on the visuals wouldn't hurt.

I can't help but feel you were just trying to imitate ASDF Movie, which I guess is alright, if you add your own style to it. But it could have done with some color and when the first thing you think is "this is pretty much ASDF Movie only not quite as funny or well made." it's a poor sign. Try making the style just a little more original next time. I wont deduct any points for this, because I like to give the benefit of the doubt in case I'm wrong, I'm just speaking my thoughts, not spitting accusations here.

So it's pretty good, it's good for shits and giggles.

guitarrob responds:

I understand. I've been animating roughly around nine months and I know that some people animate for years. Hopefully I'll get better animating skills in a year or two. But thanks anyway.

Finally effort. I've seen to much crap for one day. Yeah, that actually got a laugh out of me, great job. It's a funny and random idea, taking an uninteresting task and turning it into something funny. The animation itself is pretty good, though it could be more animated, it repeated a lot, if you took out all the looped sections you'd probably end up with like 10 seconds of animation. However it's still good. The art is funny, it's a good style and generally good looking. Loving the style.

The movie only got more funny as the animation progressed, the joke didn't tire down as much as most long assed jokes do (I'm pretty sure Family Guy is to blame for that kind of shit, I never found it very funny when a joke was dragged on so long). I like the fact that the art and the style is actually quite creepy and dark looking, as well as the fact the character is for whatever reason very ugly. Props for that one m'man.

Although I will say it deserves at least a Teen rating. Great movie, really enjoyed it and I hope to see more stuff from you.

Alright, I found this hilarious when I first watched it back in 2006, something a lot of fun to listen to, always put's a smile on my face and can still make me laugh. First time listening to it, it had me singing it for weeks and occasionally it would pop into my head every now and then even after that. It's just funny to see it all over again. And hilarious people are still getting pissed off over it. My Chemical Romance isn't an Emo band, it's just a shitty band that a large portion of Emos listen to.

I'm surprise a 14 year old could animate this. And the art is actually pretty good. The Emos look funny and the joke is hilarious, frankly It's just a classic.

The joke will never die.

Okay so you discovered the shape tween feature in flash? There's really not much I can say about the animation, most of which you didn't animate by yourself, but the parts you did were OK. The joke was actually surprisingly quite a good one, not particularly funny, but still alright. Showed some originality and you had sound effects and actually some decent looking art.

So overall, it's nothing too special, but it deserves some credit. I did check out your web comic series, which was ok, but nothing new. I understand your web comic is actually what this is for, since it was released their. I guess it holds up better as an animated web comic than it does a movie submission.

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Oh god, it hurts. Please for the love of god, tell me why this exists? In fact don't bother. Fetishes get stranger every day. Although this was fucking hilarious as hell, it makes me feel unclean knowing I even laid eyes on it. Even I find this stupid and that tells you something.

Points for the effort, but this is not something I wanted to see.

SiberianCrystAlx responds:

n_n' is ok :3 thanks

Still a goddamn motherfucking classic. This just brings back good old memories of my childhood emo hatred. Remember when this first came out, loved every second of it and still do. Just fucking hysterical, I still love looking at all the Emo comments, some of it is completely retarded, like people trying to tell you the meaning of Emo (Which by the way derives from Emotionally Unstable, in medical terms, not from the word "emotional" alone or a type of music, art or culture to begin with. All of that stems from the stereotypes and satire of the emotionally unstable.) I'm still laughing my ass of at it 7 years on.

I almost forgot it existed but now I can enjoy it all over again. Funny how I used to hate Emos, now I'm largely considered Goth/Punk/Emo/Whatever by others. I don't hate Emos no more, but it's still funny and people need to learn how to take a joke, I mean seriously.

Now I'm off to go read and laugh at all the reviews from Emos.

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KKING1 responds:

Lol Glad to hear that :D

Okay, that was actually pretty good, I wasn't so sure what to expect of a movie called Werewolf, but it delivered what it promised. The art is pretty damn good, everything looked quite nice and you captured the whole thing quite well, the art does suit the feel of the movie. The animation isn't bad, but at the same time it isn't exactly good either. It just feels kinda sloppy in certain respects. However it's just about good enough for me not to care. The movie still holds up quite well despite the animation. Finally I'm not quite sure what the storyline is, girl meets guy, love at first sight or girl knows guy already and either way he's a werewolf, he turns and then what happens after is anyone's guess. Ok? It's a shame I had to read the comments to actually work this out.

Oh and for future reference, with music you actually have to put the name of the song and the artist/band/musician(s) who made it. It's still fruadulent even if you put "All copyright to the respective owners." you have to actually credit them for it.

For a short movie it's pretty good, I did enjoy it. It's probably the best animation I've seen so far today, cheered me up a little. Nice job man.

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Levi-San004 responds:

This is probably the best comment I've ever received.

Parts of the animation appear sloppy. Thats a 'insurance' I guess that I use, I don't animate the overall project in order, because I know that over the process, the first few days, and last few days, the work is sloppier, so rather than have the start and end in poor animation, so I shuffle around so that theres maybe 1 or 2 pieces that are bad, and may be overlooked.

Thanks for letting me know about the copyright stuff, I'll be sure to correct that.

In terms of the story, I did cut out a few shots that I wanted to do because of time constraints, there was a shot I did where the 2 people embraced, establishing that these two knew each other, and had that connection.

Overall, thank you for this comment. I greatly appreciate it.

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